About SVC

Summerland Varieties Corp (SVC), owned by the British Columbia Fruit Growers’ Association, commercializes tree fruit varieties (mainly apples and sweet cherries) and berries on behalf of their owners. SVC operates a 20 acre high-health budwood orchard to provide virus-free propagative materials to Canadian and international growers and testers. The company currently manages fruit varieties in more than a dozen countries and is regarded as a world leader in variety rights management.

SVC coordinates research on new varieties through its collaborative relationship with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ontario Apple Growers, Réseau d’essai de cultivars et port-greffes de pommier (RECUPOM), BC Cherry Association, and New Tree Fruit Varieties Development Council. These research and development activities are focused on improving the competitiveness of Canada’s tree fruit and berry growers.

In addition to managing the “Born in BC. Raised in the Okanagan” value chain program, SVC provides extension services for all new variety introductions. Services are provided by a variety specialist and include guidance on best practices such as pruning, harvest maturity, and the shipping and handling of fruit.

For more information on SVC, please visit www.summerlandvarieties.com/.